past & current projects

Currently, we have several Master internship opportunities available in our lab. If you are interested make sure to check out the vacancies page.  

Audiovisual integraton for goal-directed behavior

  • Cortico-cortical networks involved in focused-attention and redundant target paradigms. A poster describing our first experiments in the Mongolian gerbil has been presented at IMRF 2018 in Toronto.
  • Reaction times and models for focused-attention and redundant target paradigms.

Thalamic & cortical sensitivity to spatial cues

  • Free-field azimuth sensitivity in rat inferior colliculus, medial geniculate body & primary auditory cortex.
  • Cortical processing in complex acoustic environments.

Representation of binaural cues in the auditory brainstem & midbrain

  • Axonal recordings from the medial superior olive in the chinchilla (Leuven).
  • Modelling coincidence detection in the medial superior olive.
  • Extracellular single-unit recordings from low-frequency laminae of the chinchilla inferior colliculus (co-supervision of a Master’s thesis in Biomedical Sciences; Leuven).
  • Interaural time difference & azimuth representation in the barn owl core of the inferior colliculus (Diploma thesis; RWTH Aachen).

Sound source localization & detection in complex environments

  • Facilitation of tone detection in complex tonal masker backgrounds by interaural time differences.

  • Human orienting behavior towards synchronous auditory double stimuli in the vertical plane.  

Measuring eye & head movements to study sensori-motor processing

  • Extension of the double magnetic induction (DMI) method to 2D head-unrestrained paradigms in humans & animals.